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Startat av Christian Hedlund, 8 mars 2017 kl. 10:44:38

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Christian Hedlund

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My name is Christian Hedlund, I work as casting coordinator and voice consultant for the Swedish indie game studio Lionbite. We are currently hard at work on our first game – Rain of Reflections.

Rain of Reflections is a story- and character-focused role playing game with noir storytelling and mood, in a futuristic cyberpunk setting. We want to tell a mature story for a mature audience.
There is a link to a trailer above. Please note however that this trailer is outdated – a lot has happened since its release. That said, the trailer will still provide a small glimpse of what we are trying to create.

At this point in production, we have signed voice talent for almost all of our characters, but there are a few roles that have been hard to fill. Here's why:

At Lionbite, we try our utmost not to whitewash our diverse character gallery. Combining that with looking for actors of specific ethnicities in a small country like Sweden, well, you will run into a quite a big challenge.

But that won't stop us. Here is where you come into the picture!

We want to try our best to find voice actors either in Stockholm or here in Sweden, before we turn our gaze to the rest of the world. We want to bring you to our studio and work together in the same space, instead of over the Internet.

We are looking for voice talent with the following ethnicities:

1 male  Chinese or chinese-american or equivalent
1 female Chinese or chinese-american or equivalent
1 female Japanese, Japanese-American  or equivalent
1 male  Japanese, Japanese-American  or equivalent
1 male   Arabic-English or equivalent
2 males  Native American

We're looking forward to working with awesome people who can breathe life into our characters.

Please notice that we require fluency in English. We are also not looking for "cartoony" or "over the top" acting. One of our main goals is to make this dystopian future believable, and the way to make this happen is through great voice acting.

Send us a headshot and a demo reel (no longer than 30 sec) via e-mail to:

Looking forward to hearing you!

Read more about our game at

Christian Hedlund
Voice Actor - Content Creator