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TUGS Svenska Dub
« skrivet: 3 maj 2019 kl. 06:53:09 »
Jag letar efter en svensk dubbar av en show som heter "TUGS". Jag är osäker på den svenska titeln. Jag är en "TUGS" historiker baserad i Amerika, och jag försöker hitta överallt TUGS gick till i världen. Jag har bifogade bilder, om någon av er kan komma ihåg det på TV. Jag fann att det gick till Finland, men också "Skandinavien", vilket får mig att tro att Sverige eller Danmark kan vara möjligt. Det är gjord av samma personer som gjorde "Tåget Thomas", så det ser bekant ut. "Bosse Bogserbåt" är också en liknande show, men det här är inte samma program (samma regissör men som är intressant)! Jag är ledsen för min dåliga svenska, jag använder en översättare. Tack så mycket!

I am looking for a Swedish dub of a show called "TUGS". I am unsure of the Swedish title. I am a "TUGS" historian based in America, and I am trying to find everywhere TUGS went to in the world. I have attached pictures, if any of you can remember it on TV. I found that it went to Finland, but also "Scandinavia", which makes me think Sweden or Denmark can be possible. It is made by the same people who did "Thomas the Tank Engine", so it looks familiar. "Bosse Bogserbat" is also a similar show, but this is not the same program (same director though, which is interesting)! I am sorry for my bad Swedish, I am using a translator. Thank you so much!

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SV: TUGS Svenska Dub
« Svar #1 skrivet: 3 maj 2019 kl. 11:12:48 »
Welcome here! I'm sure everyone here understands English, so it's no problem. :) So please stick to English instead of machine-translated text, which rarely produces good results.

Excellent question! I have a vague recollection of TUGS, but it's possible I'm confusing it with Bosse Bogserbåt (Theodore Tugboat), so I can't say for sure if I have watched TUGS on Swedish television.

According to Wikipedia, it seems like TUGS have been aired in Sweden under the Swedish title Bogserbåtar:

However, there is no source listed on Wikipedia for that title, and I can't seem to find any information on which TV channel(s) it may have aired on. I have also tried searching for all variations of that title and the original title "TUGS" in Svensk Mediedatabas, which is the Swedish National Library's database of aired TV programs and VHS/DVD/theatrical releases, but can't seem to find anything relevant. As far as I can find, no other source on the Web besides Wikipedia even mentions the title "Bogserbåtar" - so I honestly can't determine whether Wikipedia is reliable or not.

Perhaps someone else can remember something about this?

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SV: TUGS Svenska Dub
« Svar #2 skrivet: 4 maj 2019 kl. 05:33:09 »
Thank you so much for your warm welcome! :D

TUGS is one of those shows where it could've been very successful, but just unfortunately didn't get to enjoy it long-term. I'll give you some details on anything that may aid your search.

The show aired in the UK in 1989, and only once- never reran. 13 episodes make up the series total; created by Robert D. Cardona (producer) and David Mitton (director).

It was sold to Japan in 1992, where it was very successful, with a complete range of toys, videos, games, etc. being produced.
Furthermore, I own a set of 3 videos from Finland dated 1995. Over there, it is called "Purtilot", with the sub-name "Tahtihinaajat"; I'm not sure what 'Purtilot' means, since there's no valid translation (perhaps TUGS means something in languages that Google Translate can't accurately translate haha)! The sub-name translates to 'Star Tugs', who are the main characters in the show.

The company at the time who produced it was Clearwater Features, in conjunction with Television South (TVS Limited). The companies shut down in 1990-1991, and the copyright was split between video label Castle Communications and the producer himself, Robert D. Cardona with his own company, C.C. Entertainments. As far as I am aware, they handled things equally responsible. For example, C.C. Entertainments got it to Japan, and Castle Communications got it to Finland and Australia (that I know of). Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, and Brunei also received TUGS too, but I'm not certain which company sold it to them.

In America, TUGS never came here as originally intended. Like Shining Time Station being developed from Thomas the Tank Engine and The Noddy Shop being from the original puppet Noddy- Salty's Lighthouse was created for TUGS. 

This series is from 1997, a USA production from Sony Wonder's Sunbow Entertainment. The writers had to use original footage from Tugs, and tone down a lot of the graphic elements and dark themes the original show had. The original show's episodes were cut up to form brand new stories and voices, to appeal to American children. This series however, was much more popular selling around the world (I'm not sure if this version went to Sweden, you can check this if you wish)! :)

As for the Swedish Wikipedia page for TUGS, this was added by one of the many Thomas fans that unfortunately state many things, without anything to back it up. However I've seen in (one) YouTube comment that it was caled Bugserbatar too, but there's no evidence.

I hope this additional information helps you.

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SV: TUGS Svenska Dub
« Svar #3 skrivet: 30 juni 2019 kl. 23:39:21 »
1991 sändes Tugs(1989) på TV3 i Barntrean-blocket. Varför den är nästintill bortglömd verkar vara eftersom den endast sändes en endaste gång i December -91.  :)
Svenska titeln var (Bogserbåtarna Amerikansk animerad serie)

Tugs was broadcasted 1991 on Swedish TV3 in childrensblock called "Barntrean".